The Bodybuilding Diet of Champions

“Bodybuilding is 80% diet.”  Vince Gironda, a huge bodybuilding diet enthusiast, made this statement many years ago. He was also widely known as one of the best bodybuilding trainers of his day.

Vince Gironda built up a name for himself in the world of bodybuilding and quickly became known as “The Iron Guru.”  However, it wasn’t until he helped an unknown by the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger come to the United States that he became extremely famous. This is when he moved on to the status of one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time.

During the years of the 1950s through 1997, his praises read like those of a Who’s Who list of bodybuilding.

Vince believed that a bodybuilding diet was the main component of muscle-building success.  He was very pivotal in persuading other people to accept this same concept during the many decades that he trained various champions.

Simply put, a bodybuilding diet should concentrate on the best kinds of protein, carbohydrates, fats, oils and nuts.  The carbs should be natural selections of fruits and vegetables.  In addition, bodybuilders are required to put supplements in their diets that grow muscle tissue and decrease the subcutaneous body fat.

Distinguished biologist, Bernard Beverley, expressed that human tissue is one hundred percent biological.  As far as a good bodybuilding diet is concerned, this means that bodybuilders must eat foods that have high biological content.  This content will continue to develop tissue as much as possible.  Plenty of people don’t know the difference between foods that have high biological content from the foods that are high in protein.  However, this isn’t completely the case because not all protein is the same.  Biological content means that a food contains protein in a form that is like the protein found in human tissue.

This may be surprising to some people, but eggs have the highest biological content of all foods.  Other foods that are high in biological content are raw milk, organ meats (heart, liver, kidneys and sweetbreads), steak, lamb, poultry and fish.  In addition, beans, legumes and a few other vegetables are great sources of protein.  So, it would be a really smart move to put these into your diet too.

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But on the flip side, soybeans, even though they are very high in protein, are only 22% biological.  So, you would have to consume large amounts of soy to equal the amino acid amount of the higher types of quality protein that were just listed.  When preparing for contests, the Iron Guru advocated not using anabolic steroids in favor of consuming as many as 3 dozen eggs a day.

This means that your muscles are given a huge influx of biological protein so that they can get stronger and repair damaged areas fast.  After about 6 to 8 weeks, you should then decrease that number to 1 or 2 each day, as you would have achieved your goal.

But then again, other bodybuilding diets focus on red meat and fresh vegetables, or a diet that has plenty of dairy products and fish.  Each of these methods has a specific purpose.  That purpose is to load the system with protein to take the place of and to build up muscle tissue that was worn down by strenuous workout routines.  These diets should be used for long periods of time.  The bodybuilding supplements that Gironda suggested were kelp tablets, desiccated liver, lipotropic amino acids (inositol, choline, methionin, betain that aid to metabolize and assimilate proteins) and wheat germ oil.  Another bodybuilding diet plan the Iron Guru created was to put his students on a special bodybuilding diet cycle to prepare for contests, which were developed to eliminate that last bit of subcutaneous fat.

This plan consisted of 4 days of zero carbs and then eating normally on day five.  For the next 4 days zero carbs again and on day 10, eat normally.  The students would continue to do this for about 3 to 8 weeks, until each individual muscle separated and veins popped out on the surface.

In conclusion, an adequate bodybuilding diet should be concentrated with protein, fats, good carbs and fibre.  The consistency should be 24% protein, 40% natural carbs without refined starches or sugars and fat and fibre.

Just before the bodybuilders compete the diet of cycling of zero carbs for 4 days and the fifth day free, should be used for no more than 8 weeks.  The right supplements should be taken to complement dietary regimen.