Leg Workouts for your Thighs

The legs are similar to the arms in that they are actually composed of multiple muscle groups. In the front of the thigh you have the quadriceps. On the rear you will have the hamstrings. If you are to complete a successful workout you will need to learn several different leg workouts and gain the bigger thighs you’ve always wanted.

Many people will find that two thirds of their body weight is actually in their legs. The legs are used the most, and as a result they are stronger, generally made of solid muscle. The torso on the other hand is an organ-filled hollow with various air spaces and this gives birth to a very important factor. Your legs will take much more work to strengthen than your torso will simple because there is more to work with and more to do.

It is important that we do some research, and reading books such as Keys to the Inner Universe by Bill Pearl might help as it contains fifty pages devoted to the thighs. There are other books to take into account as well, and they contain the words of many experts in the body building field.

Performing the Squat

If you want to get bigger thighs, the squat is the way to go. Many people avoid this particular exercise and we can understand why: it’s not easy to do! Squats can be performed in a number of ways, and many people actually prefer barbells. Still there are others who will do this with the aid of machines.

There are a few different ways that we can do squats. One way might be to put weight on our shoulders, but others will hold the weight in front at chest level. As far as positioning goes you could choose to do them flat footed or you could elevate your heels. The most important thing to remember is to never “lock out” the legs (when in standing position) as it will keep the tension off the muscles.

When you lower yourself, you should either use a bench to determine the proper distance, or you could allow your buttocks to hit your feet. The latter one is not recommended though as it puts too much stress on your knees and you could end up with an injury. Either way, you should be able to pull these off relatively easily after a time. As we said before there are a few different ways to perform these leg workouts, and we will go over a few of them below.

Barbell SquatOne of the best methods of performing squats is to obtain an Olympic bar, weights, and even a squat rack. Your thighs must be parallel to the floor and your heels should be kept flat. These should not be easy; enough weight must be added to the bar so that you actually struggle during your repetitions.

Barbell Squat Wide Stance – This one is a bit different from the previous exercise in that your legs will be spread quite widely. Make sure you squat with your knees pointed out as doing so will provide an inner thigh workout. This exercise is more complicated than the previous and will require more experience, but in the end you should be able to pull it off flawlessly.

Hack Squat – Keep your heels elevated and put the barbell behind the buttocks. Once this is done, you will squat until the barbell nearly touches the floor. Be careful not to drop too far simply because it will be harder to pull yourself back up if the barbell actually touches the floor.

Leg Presses

Leg Press Machine – Exercising with the aid of a machine is often easier and it is sometimes quite fun. With a leg press machine you will sit in the machine and place you feet on the provided foot pads. These machines are designed so that your foot placement will ultimately determine whether your inner or outer thighs are worked.

Decline Leg Press Machine - the foot placement will determine which portion of the thigh is worked. The gluteus maximus (buttocks) also get worked if you go deeply enough.

Leg Extension Machine

• The purpose of leg extensions is to work your inner, outer, and even lower thigh down to the knee, providing you with a full workout that you might not get anywhere else.

Thigh Curls

A thigh machine will help you to perform curls and even build up your hamstrings. These exercises will ultimately help you to perform better and even aid in your squats later on.

Dumbbell lunges

This exercise will do a great job of building rear thigh muscles. They will help you to work on your gluteus, and they will even help you to increase your lower body flexibility which will ultimately help you in your daily tasks. In addition to that, your exercises will help your workout and push you to work harder.

If you want to look big and muscular, leg workouts are necessary. They won’t be easy but in the end you will be quite happy that you put so much work into them. Make sure that you research other methods and exercises as this will help you greatly on your journey. Keep working at it, and keep working out. You never know where you might end up.

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