How to Get a Flat Tummy

There are two major factors involve in getting rid of tummy fat, though I personally would state that initiative is the third element!

The first factor of course is exercise, and we do of course mean proper exercise. In addition to that you will need a proper diet, and finally you need to get up and endeavour to FIX the problem!


In order to get rid of tummy fat and bring out those abdominal muscles, you will need to do some ab exercises every day and strengthen them, which can be easier said than done.

- Decline Board Crunches – Elevate your feet and put your hands directly behind your neck. Once that is done, curl your upper body towards the knees, and take care that you contract your stomach muscles while you are doing this.

Ensure that your shoulders are elevated and that only the small of your back is touching the bench or mat. This position is to be held for a two-count, and when that count is expired you will return to the starting position. It is recommended that you repeat this for fifty repetitions and three sets. This will total 150 repetitions altogether.

- Compound Crunches – Lay on the mat with knees raised and then place your hands behind your neck. After doing this you will need to curl forward, moving toward your left knee, and following that you will push your left elbow towards your right knee. Make sure that your knees move toward that elbow in tandem with your elbow movement. This motion should be repeated for fifty repetitions and three total sets.

- Incline Board – Keeping your head elevated, do the exact same exercise that you did with the decline board. It’s not a repeat per say, and will actually work the abs in a much different way. This exercise is vital in getting rid of belly fat!

- Roman Chair Sit-Ups – The Roman Chair is an exercise in which your legs will be supported, and you will start to perform slow sit-ups.

For this exercise you will perform ten repetitions in three sets.

After this you may move on to the roman chair back raises which involve a reverse position from the sit-ups you just performed. Your head will be lowered toward the floor and your upper body will be raised as you contract your lower back muscles. As before, you will do ten repetitions and three sets of ten.

- Leg Raises – Lay on the mat placing your arms at your sides and leave your legs straight. Once your legs are in the proper position you will raise them approximately two feet off the floor. This position will be held until the count of five and then repeated for twenty repetitions and three sets.

Eating Healthy

Exercises will certainly help to build the muscle and get rid of tummy fat, but that’s definitely not all there is to the process.

Make sure you put yourself on a decent diet! This must be a diet of protein, fats, fiber, and even complex carbohydrates!

- Stay away from refined sugar, refined flour, artificial sweeteners, and any other simple carbohydrates.

- Minimize your intake of caffeine and alcohol

- Utilize various (and safe) supplements

- Take or eat protein, making sure it is mixed with water or even raw milk

- Utilize the Lipo3 Compound which is composed of Lipotropic amino acids

A flat tummy is not going to be easy to achieve, but the most important thing is thinking about how good you’re going to look in the future and how you are going to get yourself to that point. There are many people who simply give up because it seems to be too much work, or perhaps because they believe it is not working. Keep it up, stick to the routine, and you will get the results you need in the time frame you are looking for.

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