Getting Rid of Abdomen Fat

Around the middle days of your life you might experience fat deposits all over the middle of your body. This is known as “Middle Age Spread” and is a part of abdomen fat. At one time we dismissed this and thought it to be harmless. These days however we realize that it can be harmful, and with that being the case, we need to do whatever we can about the abdomen fat while we are still capable of it.

Modern science has noted that there are several direct links between what is known as abdominal fat and the deadly Type 2 Diabetes. In addition to that it has links to heart disease, hypertension, and even cancer.

There are two known variants of abdominal fat and they are the following:

Subcutaneous: This is exposed fat that you can grab with your hands. It resides just under your skin and is visible to virtually anyone.

Visceral: This type of fat is not visible but it is much more dangerous. You will find that it inhabits your intestines and abdominal organs.

These are two rather unhealthy conditions, but they can be alleviated with proper died and exercise. All it takes is a change, and we have to be willing to change how we act, eat, and exercise. If we do it right, our bodies will be able to burn up the adipose deposits quite easily.

When we exercise, our metabolism speeds up, and it helps to develop muscle tissue. This will help greatly in the quest to lower abdomen fat.

Lose Abdominal Fat through Dieting

Many people will try to go on a low calorie diet without realizing that this can hinder their overall progress. For most people, the metabolism will respond to calorie reduction through storing up more fat due to the fact it believes you are starving. This is just one of the body’s defence mechanisms, and it can certainly get in the way.

Now that we understand this, we also understand that reducing calorie intake to about 1,900 makes sense because it is just below maintenance levels.

In order for your diet to be effective, you will need to keep track of everything you eat, and in order to do this you will need to keep a diet log. It will measure your caloric intake as well as the calories you have burned.

You will want to avoid bad carbohydrates or simply carbohydrates. These can be found in starches, sugars, and various other items. For instance you will want to avoid bread made from flour as well as pasta and processed rice.

It is important for you to avoid prepared foods that will require warming up before eating. These are typically laden with chemical preservatives. By this we mean you should avoid TV dinners along with other meals of this type.

It would be a good idea to consume a diet that consists of fresh fruits, vegetables, unprocessed meats, and of course poultry. If you are one to drink alcohol you should try to minimize your overall intake as alcohol contains so called “empty calories”.

When you first start out on your diet you will want to restrict the amount of carbohydrates you take in per day, and the optimal amount would be about fifty grams. Once your weight begins to drop you can increase your intake very slowly, and as you do, you will stop losing abdominal fat. Take note of the point where you start to gain weight as this will most likely be your maintenance level.

Remember that a good diet has just as much to do with it as anything else! It is very important for you to raise your protein intake and make sure you are eating foods rich with protein. Foods such as eggs, organ meats, chicken, and even fish are considered to be good diet foods.

To help you out with the results it’s a good idea to keep a diet log and buy a calorie counter. You can find some free calorie counters on the internet as well.

Losing Abdomen Fat through Exercise

You should most definitely undergo strength and resistance training as this will ultimately help to increase your calorie consumption. It is a known fact that muscles require more energy than fat, which is definitely something to take into consideration when devising your workout and diet.

You could join a fitness program or you might set up your own home gym. Either way, losing that extra fat is very important! Make sure you do your research and know precisely what you are doing when it comes to abdomen fat.

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