Get Ripped in 4 Weeks!

Get Ripped in 4 Weeks!You’ve spent quite a bit of time exercising, and perhaps you feel you’ve done all you can. Wrong! There is always more to do, and if you’ve just finished several weeks of exercise, then now would be a good time to fine tine the results you’ve achieved. Would you believe it’s possible to get ripped in 4 weeks? You can get the body you want sooner than you ever dreamed possible!

But how do you get ripped in 4 weeks? How do you get that body you’ve always wanted? Here’s how!

The first thing you will need to understand is that adipose is loose connective tissue composed of adipocytes. It is 80% fat and if you want to get ripped, you have to lose it! It won’t be easy by any stretch of the imagination. You’ve spent hours in the gym, you’ve lifted heavy weights, and now you will have to replace the heavy workout with a medium workout. This doesn’t mean you can cut back! You will have to perform some high repetitions with those medium weights if you plan to get anywhere.

With diet comes exercise and this case is no exception. You will need to go on your diet for about four weeks in total, which can be a challenge but is in no way impossible. It’s time to get started and push your way through a diet that can be unappealing to some and downright difficult to others. Are you ready?

Weight Training

Weight training is still essential and you will not be abandoning it. You will work your muscles quite a bit, and you will work them to exhaustion. The biggest difference is that you will be doing high reps instead of high weights.

With larger weights you go for six to eight repetitions. With the smaller ones you will do twelve to fifteen.

Dumbbell exercises are a must and they will help to shape your muscles. Rather than working on every muscle group during a workout, you will be working on one muscle group at time. Also you will still need to give your best, so you will be working out hard, but you will not be getting anywhere near your limit in the way you would with a conventional workout.

When you start your workout you will want to warm up a bit by pumping out several reps on a light weight. After that set is complete you will move up to a moderate weight and complete twelve to fifteen repetitions. The idea is to exhaust your muscles, and in the end you will likely want to perform five sets.

If you are accustomed to doing cardio workouts then you will need to cut them out of your routine for the moment. Recent research has proven that such workouts are not the best way to lose fat. Still don’t believe it? Compare the looks of a marathon runner and a sprinter. See the difference? Anyway you need some kind of cardiovascular workout and the best way to go is with interval training.

That being said, let’s talk a bit about the different exercises you can do, and the workout that you can perform.

Working Out

If you want to get ripped in 4 weeks you will need to work hard in the gym and the following are a few exercises that you can do to get your body in the best shape possible!


• Dumbbell Flies, flat bench, incline and decline on various elevations

• Dumbbell Presses, flat bench, incline, decline on various elevations

• Push-ups with feet elevated, hands widely spaced.


• Dumbbell Presses, either standing or sitting

• Front dumbbell raises, standing.

• Lateral dumbbell raises.

• Upright rowing with barbell.

• Shrugs with barbell.

• Bent over dumbbell extensions.

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• Pull-ups on the chinning bar.

• Seated rowing with cable and pulley.

• Lat machine pull-downs.

• Bent over rowing with barbell.

• One-hand bent over rowing with dumbbell.


• Squats with barbell.

• Leg extensions on machine.

• Thigh biceps curls on machine or with a wall mounted cable-and-pulley assembly.

• Lunges with barbells.

• Calf raises.

• Donkey calf raises.

• Seated calf raises.


• Crunches, flat bench or mat.

• Compound crunches, twisting right and left.

• Side bends with dumbbells.

• Rear side bends with dumbbells

• Twists with barbell across shoulders.

Interval Training

• Interval Training is a type of cardio-vascular workout when you alternate low intensity with high intensity exercises. Can be done with cycling, running, rowing etc. Do it on your off days or implement as a part of weight training workout

Diet – make sure you stick with this diet for five cycles (25 days)

• Eat absolutely no carbohydrates for four days.

• On the fifth day, consume a balanced diet

• On days six through nine, eat no carbohydrates.

• Balanced diet on day # 10


• Protein Powder

• Essential amino acids (Lipo3 compound, inositol, choline, etc.)

• Wheat germ oil

• Desiccated liver, kelp tablets.

• Creatine, ZMA

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