Get Impressive Arms through Bicep Workouts

Get Impressive Arms through Bicep WorkoutsFitness is a word thrown around quite a bit these days, and nothing describes fitness better than huge muscular arms. In order to attain those arms it is critical for one to do bicep workouts. Big arms are rather amazing and can be seen even when covered up. Many people want these arms, and they wonder how to get them. Luckily it is not a secret and there are plenty of ways to get bigger arms. That being said, let’s take a look at the different ideas surrounding this feat.

Muscles need to be worked, and they need to be worked hard if you are to obtain the muscles you want. You naturally will not be able to do this on a basic exercise machine. Squeezing medicine balls and using spring-loaded exercise machines is good up to a point, but if you want to reach your ultimate goal you will need to head to the gym and do some real weight lifting.

As far as the arms go, they are separated into two groups of muscle. The biceps of course are on the front of the arm. The triceps sit on the back of the arm.

Biceps are utilized in pulling this in your direction. With triceps you will be able to push things away. As you can see, both are critical in any workout as well as everyday life.

You will work the biceps rather simply by curling a weight and then resisting the return. When you want to perform bicep workouts, it is important that you work both parts of the arm equally, ensuring that each becomes stronger.

When you are pushing the bar away, the triceps will be worked quite a bit. The biceps will be worked harder when bringing the bar back in. As we said before, it is important for you to work both sides equally. These arm workouts should be performed only one day per week. Naturally they will get some work on other days, but on the designated days they should be exhausted.

Barbell and Dumbbell Curls – These are exercises which can be carried out in many different ways. You could perform them from a sitting position or you could settle for a standing position if you so desire. Try to remember that movements need to be controlled, and you need to make sure you are focusing on the biceps. We are going to list a few exercises, and you should keep in mind that these exercises need to be completed in three sets and ten repetitions per set.

Biceps Exercises

  • Seated, close-grip barbell curl.
  • Standing, close-grip cheat curl.
  • Standing, close-grip cheat curl.
  • Incline, face-forward barbell curl.
  • Lying face-forward on high bench, barbell curl.
  • Standing dumbbell curl.
  • Incline dumbbell curl.
  • Reverse-grip curl with the easy-curl-bar.
  • Concentration curls on Scott Bench using easy-curl-bar.
  • Flat Preacher Bench close-grip curls with easy-curl-bar.

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Triceps Exercises

  • Triceps Presses, Curls and Press-Downs
  • Standing close-grip triceps curls.
  • Seated close-grip triceps curls.
  • French Press supine on flat bench.
  • Supine triceps curl and press.
  • Reverse-wide-grip bench press.
  • Standing dumbbell triceps press.
  • Triceps machine press downs.
  • Reverse grip triceps press downs.
  • Standing triceps press using wall pulley and rope or towel.
  • Bent over triceps extension with wall pulley.

Super Sets

Those who are well versed in the art of bodybuilding might try a few alternate exercises. If you can complete the more advanced workouts, you will be able to finish your workout faster and you will still receive the full benefit of said workout. One of the most important things to remember is that you will need to move between each set without taking a break.

After you’ve finished this workout, taking into account that it is a bit more advanced than your standard workout, it will be important for you to rest. During exercises of this nature, muscle is torn and will need time to rebuild. This is where your high-protein diet comes in, and you should ensure your diet consists of about 25% calories from it.

You would do well to try protein supplements and you might even try out creatine and amino acids. Liotropic 3 is a great amino acid and it will help greatly in burning body fat. Make sure you try out kelp tablets and even desiccated liver tablets. There are many things that you can do to make your workout better and you will want to investigate every one of them.

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