Fat Burning Furnace Review

Fat Burning Furnace is a definitive book on weight training written by Rob Poulos. In this guide, Rob states and proves the idea that you do not need to spend several hours in the gym just to build your body and lose fat.

Rob is a walking testimonial of the ideas that he teaches in his system. After attempting to get the body of his heros by lifting weights for hours, Rob eventually noticed that his body was unable to build muscle like the men from the muscle magazine covers.

He eventually did begin to put on weight, but it was in the wrong ways. He was eating too much and was getting fat. He then became dedicated to losing the extra fat and finding better ways to build muscle through exercise.

Rob’s results of his research and experiments are compiled into the guide known as the Fat Burning Furnace. Rob stands behind the fact that you can create a fat burner from your metabolism if you eat the correct foods and exercise properly.

The guide highlights our genetic predisposition to specific body characteristics, which can make it difficult to lose or gain weight or to add any muscle tissue to our bodies.

Rob strongly promotes strength training by lifting weights with the idea of increasing muscle size and strength. It is the addition of muscle size that assists the body in becoming a fat burning furnace… that and consuming the proper foods.

Rob mentions that if you up your lean muscle mass by only 15 pounds (while reducing your fat 6 or 7 pounds) you will be able to burn 700 additional calories each day when at rest. When you are working out, you will be burning even more.

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He also points out that women should not try to get bulky from weight lifting because they do not have the testosterone that is necessary to get the body of a muscle builder. Most of us like the genetic abilities to get large like Arnold. Even with the use of chemical enhancements, most people will not be able to get that big.

Rob Poulos is also not for lots of cardio workouts. He says that low intensity exercises done for a long period of time can burn some fat, but it also makes your body think you need to store fat to be able to cope with the exercising done during the following workouts.

He also believes that long duration exercises can be dangerous to your health because as you overstep your aerobic limits, you will ultimately limit your heart and lung capacity since you body will get used to the long periods of working out.

Exercises and dieting that will help to increase your potential and get a strong, good looking, and lean body are outlined in Fat Burning Furnace. They may not be as big as Arnold’s, but muscles that will look good while at the beach or on the tennis courts. In addition, you will be healthier.

Rob states that if you follow his routine as it is outlined, you will be able to reap the benefits of a cardio workout without the hours of treadmill walking or Stair Master stepping. His routine is short and to the point.