Creating an Effective Chest Workout That Gets Results

Creating an Effective Chest Workout That Gets ResultsThe technical term for the chest muscles is the pectoralis major. These muscles stretch across the top of the body below the head and between the shoulders and represent the largest group of muscles in the entire body. There are also different sides to this muscle group that must be covered for an effective chest workout: outer, inner, upper and lower pecs.

In order to effectively work your chest you need to use heavy weight and work all muscles in the group to exhaustion. While doing this you will also be working smaller muscles connected to the pectoralis major, including the triceps and deltoids.

Designing an effective chest workout is as simple as choosing a combination of movements that target these muscles and performing them with heavy weights. Let’s go over some of the best exercises that you might consider incorporating.

Bench Press

This is the simplest and commonly performed exercise for the chest muscles. You can use a weighted bar or dumbbells in a lying position and can position your hands further or closer together to work different chest muscles.

If you have access to an Olympic bar it is the best tool for performing bench presses. Just lie down on a flat bench and place your hands in a wide grip on the bar and start raising and lowering the weight slowly. If you move your hand closer together you will work the inner pecs more and going all the way down to your chest or stopping near the neck will control whether you work the middle or upper pecs.

If you go all the way down to your mid-chest make sure your elbows are down at your side so you are working your triceps in the same motion. If you decide to stop near the chest put your elbows out wide so you can work your deltoids as well.

A great way to target your upper chest muscles is to raise the bench up at an incline and then bring the bar down to neck level. You can reverse the bench to a decline to target the lower pecs.

Parallel Bar Dips

This is another common movement used for a great chest workout which can be manipulated to work the pecs from different angles. With your hands about shoulder width apart you will work your upper, inner pecs while moving your hands out further apart will work your outer pecs along with the deltoids.

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Two-Handed Crunch

This movement makes use of the chest and pulley machine. You simply spread your arms out wide with the pulleys in hand and then pull them together over the chest, bending your elbows just a bit. This machine is great for finishing exercise and every chest workout should incorporate it.


Sit on a flat bench and put your weights on the floor. Get into a supine position and then reach backward over your head for the barbell. With your arms bent, perform a circular motion with your arms to pull the weight back to your chest.

You can create a compound movement from this exercise by extending the barbell up into a close-grip press at the top of the movement. When returning the weight to the floor you once again use a circular motion down.

Using Dumbbells in Your Chest Workout

If you don’t have access to an Olympic bar and bench or you just prefer to incorporate dumbbells into your chest workout, you can perform a variety of chest exercises with dumbbells. For instance, you can lie on a flat surface to do chest flies or incline and decline to work different chest muscles with a dumbbell fly.

When putting your exercises in order make sure you start with the heaviest weights first and gradually move down through different barbell movements, the dumbbells, and then finishing up with cable pulley machines. This order will make your chest workout more effective as you have more power and steam to get through the more intense movements.

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