Chest Workouts to Pump up the Volume

Chest Workouts to Pump up the VolumeEvery body-builder is concerned with the shape of their pectoralis major. This is the largest muscle group in the human body and is often just referred to as the chest muscles. In order to create effective chest workouts you have to combine a wide variety of movements using a barbell, dumbbell, and your own body weight.

There are two components to building chest muscles worth showing off:

1. Tear the muscle down through effective chest workouts.

2. Build the muscle back up with a protein-rich diet.

A body-builder’s diet should look like this:

- 25% protein

- 40% whole Carbohydrates

- 35% healthy fats and fibres

Chest workouts should comprise one workout every week where you focus exclusively on the chest muscles. Other muscles that get worked in your chest workouts will be the smaller ones connected to the chest muscles but they are not your primary focus.

It is also important to start with the movements that require the most weight and work your way down to less intensive movements.

A body-builder at the intermediate level would do three sets of each exercise with eight to ten repetitions in each set. If you are at an advanced level you should up the ante by using much heavier weights and aiming for five good sets with six to eight repetitions.

Wide Grip Bench Press with Barbell

Sit on the bench with your feet flat on the ground and place your hands shoulder width apart then widen them about another shoulder width apart and grip the bar. Bring the weight down to the region right at the top of the chest and bottom of the neck, pause, and then return to starting position.

Put moderate weight on for the first set to serve as a brief warm up then go to the heaviest weight you can handle for at least eight if not ten reps.

Remember to put that pause in at the height of each movement and move at a slow, relaxed pace. Avoid all of the following mistakes which could lead to injury:

- Bouncing weight on your chest.

- Arching your back.

- Lifting your rear end from the bench.

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Front Barbell Raise with an Incline

Get into position on an incline bench with a lighter weight on the barbell. You want to grip the barbell palms down. The weight should be lifted over your head until your arms are completely extended behind your head.

Flat Bench Dumbbell Flies

Get into a supine position on a flat bench with two moderately heavy dumbbells gripped straight up over your head. Lower them down smooth and slow, bending your elbows just a bit as you come down. Then finish the movement by lower the dumbbells down toward the ground, parallel to the floor.

Make sure you do not overextend your shoulders.

Wide Grip Barbell Incline Press

Get positioned on an incline bench and push the barbell straight up over your head. Lower the weight to the area just below your neck on the upper chest and then lift back to start position. Make sure your muscles are exhausted after eight or ten reps or you may need heavier weight.

Wide Grip Barbell Decline Press

Get positioned on a decline bench and place your arms perpendicular to the ground. Slowly take the weight to your neck and then back to start position. Do eight to ten repetitions.

Dumbbell Press on Flat Bench

Get positioned on a flat bench and raise your dumbbells over your head straight. Lower the weight down to your chest, ensuring your elbows remain high and your upper body remains parallel with your shoulders. You can use heavier dumbbells for this movement and go for eight to ten repetitions.

Dumbbell Pullover Press Lateral on Flat Bench

Lie on a flat bench with medium weight dumbbells positioned at your chest. Move the dumbbells up over your head and back towards the floor. Without stopping the motion, bring them back to your chest and connect in an immediate lateral fly. Make sure your arm is bent at a forty-five degree angle for the fly.

Close-Hand Push-Ups

You know the push up position so get in it but place your hands approximately a foot apart. You should be able to do it on your toes and perform each rep extremely slowly to get the most from every movement.

All of these elements should be included in effective chest workouts. Put them together and get started pumping up the volume today!

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