Amazing Muscular Women: How Do They Do It?

Bodybuilding is often not thought of as a real sport but when you realize how much time and effort is put into preparing for every single competition you gain a new level of respect for muscular women. The training is intense and it can easily overtake a woman’s entire life.

The main objective is the same for women and men. They want to perfect and pop every single muscle so it is ready to be closely scrutinized and judged on a stage under glaring lights. Yet, men and women have to work their bodies a bit differently to get the results that bodybuilding competitions require.

Since women are different on a hormonal level they have to do more to get the results men see from working out and dieting alone. Women need assistance from synthetic hormones to get pumped up for competition.

When women eat protein-rich diets, take natural supplements and workout with effective muscle building workouts they do gain some lean muscle, shred body fat, and look much better. They just do not gain the enormous size that you see on male bodybuilders.

History of Female Bodybuilding

When women’s bodybuilding first started women aimed to achieve a very sleek, smooth figure with curves. It wasn’t until male growth hormones and anabolic steroids hit the scene that the goal became the massive muscles that rival male bodybuilders.

In fact, there was a time when the top muscular women in competitions looked a lot like men!

Thankfully, women today are back to aiming for a more natural, feminine look. For instance, think of how Linda Hamilton looked in the movie Terminator 2. She was very feminine yet was well toned and chiseled with great muscle mass. This is the ideal today for most bodybuilding women.

Muscular Women in Training

In order to achieve this ideal figure, women start lifting weights. Just like men, these women will train every muscle in their body at least one time every week. The differences come in the type of exercises performed by men and women.

The lower body parts women focus on mostly include:

* Hip Flexors

* Abductor & Abductor Muscles

* Inner & Outer Thighs

Some exercises commonly performed to work these areas include squats, thigh-bicep curls, and calf raises.

Women also work the upper body, focusing on movements for the chest muscles. These movements include barbell presses, dumbbell or machine flies, shoulder presses, and other movements using natural body weight.

For the arms, women will perform dumbbell or barbell curls, tricep press downs, and bench French presses.

You would be amazed how much weight many muscular women can lift!

Dieting for Muscular Women

Women trying to bulk up will carefully watch everything they eat. Typically, their diet will look something like this:

* 25% protein

* 40%complex carbs

* 35% healthy fats and fibers

This balance is important as it provides energy for workouts and allows muscle to be built back up after an intense workout.

There are many supplements that women tend to use for better results. Many will incorporate protein powder to get to that 25% o their calories. They will commonly mix these powders with amino acids and raw milk to help metabolize their protein and increase fat burning potential. Also creatine is often taken as a part of diet supplementation.

Of course, muscular women love eggs! Other protein supplements include desiccated liver tablets and kelp.

Wheat germ oil and other soluble oils are also common staples because they deliver energy and increase endurance.

The Competition

Competition for women is a bit different for the men. They do share some of the basic poses that a man might perform but they tend to be more graceful in movement. They keep that feminine touch that men try to avoid.

When you consider what women go through to get ready for these competitions you have to admit what an amazing sport this actually is.

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