Amazing 6 Pack Abs Anyone Can Achieve

Amazing 6 Pack Abs Anyone Can AchieveThere is a lot of controversy over the best way to develop the amazing 6 pack abs everyone is after. What most people will agree upon is that what you put into your mouth is a huge factor in the equation. The rest of the equation is what is debated.

There are many trainers and gurus out there sporting those beautiful ripped, well defined abs you want so desperately to have for yourself. The question is which of these people is best to guide you on your own journey for 6 pack abs.

The Nutrition Argument

A great example is Vince Gironda, who was also known as the “iron guru.” He had amazing abs that were more like an 8 pack and trained countless celebrities and bodybuilding champs. Everyone he touched seemed to develop beautiful abs and he never made them do a single sit-up!

Rather than sit-ups, Vince favored crunches performed in series in different forms. He did crunches on mats, hanging upside down on a bar, on benches, and even in a Roman chair.

One other thing that must be mentioned: Vince insisted that diet was what revealed 6 pack abs rather than the actual exercises performed. This was controversial in his time but he had the body to back up the talk.

The Exercise Argument

Bill Pearl has won the Mr. Universe competition four times and the author of Keys to the Inner Universe. This is one of the best books out there for anyone interested in bodybuilding and it incorporates a tome of 62 pages dealing only with exercise variations for the abdominals.

All of those exercises must be why he was voted the “best built man in the World” at the age of 47!

The Winning Argument

Neither of these arguments on gaining 6 pack abs is fully right or wrong. Most experts such as Gironda and Pearl agree that you have to first develop the rock solid muscle in your abdominals and then display that muscle by removing the fat covering them up. This involves working each muscle to the max then using diet to burn fat.

Both Vince Gironda and Bill Pearl were well formed and muscular. Their big difference was body type with Gironda being short and muscular and Pearl being taller and simply massive in muscle. Everyone seemed to prefer the look of Pearl’s body.

You can learn a lot from their strategies since they obviously worked well for them.

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Sample Workout

If you want to develop 6 pack abs try performing three sets of these exercises together:

1. Roman Chair Sit-Ups: a roman chair allows you to perform a special sit-up where you hook your legs in a rung. You end up doing sit-ups and backbends.

2. Incline Board Crunches: this is only part of a sit up created by raising the head and shoulders up together.

3. Supine Crunches: get into supine position on a bench or mat and raise your legs to a 90 degree angle. Hands go behind your head and you crunch up reaching you elbow toward the opposite knee.

4. Dumbbell Side-Bends: stand up with a dumbbell in one hand. Lean over with the dumbbell going toward the floor then pull back up straight. Do 20 reps on each side. If you position the weight in the back you will work your buttocks at the same time.

5. Pull-Up Bar Leg Raises: hang on a chin-up bar and pull your knees up toward your chest and lower slowly.

6. Parallel Bar Dip Machine Knee-Ups: rest your forearms on each side of a dip bar and pull you knees up to the height of your waist.

This is just a quick workout to get you started toward 6 pack abs of your own!

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