Tips for Quick Mass Building

Tips for Quick Mass BuildingIt used to be that mass building took years of consistent sweat and a lot of patience. Today, the process can be sped up considerably with a few great discoveries from sports physiologists. You can now build a massive muscular body in relatively little time.
When the sport of bodybuilding first started emerging men would hit the gym for hours on end day after day working every single muscle in their bodies. They only rested at night and took just one day completely off each week. Bulking up in those days was hard, intensive work.

These were the days that athletes competing in other sports shied away from bodybuilding in fear they would become too muscular and lose flexibility. With time more athletes discovered that lifting weights actually improved their performance out on the court or field.

It wasn’t long before athletes from all professional realms could be found pumping iron in their down time and coaches were adding weightlifting into their training plans. The days of using weightlifting to sculpt the body for maximum performance had hit.

With this acceptance of weightlifting the science of sports physiology was born. This science took mass building in a more technical, scientific manner to benefit athletes of every stripe.

Once bodybuilding was accepted by sports trainers and research made it better understood, bodybuilders cut their time in the gym by about half. They were still working out for many hours a week but they were getting results in about half the time.

The biggest contribution to the reduction in workout hours for bodybuilders was the discovery that muscles need rest time after being broken down in a workout. The focus was now on rapid bulk building and rest periods were crucial.

Mass building today is accomplished by working every muscle group of the body to complete exhaustion one time every week. Every muscle group will have one day to be focused on exclusively, though they will be worked again indirectly when other body parts are targeted.

This is the fastest known method of bodybuilding. Muscles are given time to recoup after each workout so bodybuilders aren’t walking around aching in every region of the body all week long.

Bodybuilding also requires proper nutrition. Bodybuilders now believe that as much as 80% of the mass building equation depends upon what you are eating! This may or may not be completely true, but it shows the great emphasis that is now being placed on nutrition rather than exercise.

Typically, someone looking for fast muscle building would consume a diet made up of 25% lean protein sources. A lot of vegetables and whole carbohydrates will also be consumed along with healthy fats and soluble fibres. Eggs are a staple for mass building today!

Things that are now avoided include caffeine, alcoholic beverages and refined carbohydrates.

Supplements for muscle building now include protein powder, creatine, desiccated liver, kelp tablets and many, many more. Protein powders are also mixed with raw milk and some of these supplements for protein-rich drink that pumps up the energy.

Muscle building is all about working with your brain rather than your ego. It’s about doing it right rather than doing it for hours on end. Your diet is just as crucial as your time in the gym and all muscle groups require rest breaks!

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